This Year’s Focus

As I write this, I’ve been married to my wife Jeanette for 17 years. Throughout our marriage, we’ve seen a few of our married friends make it, and we’ve seen a few who haven’t.

We married young, and we were the first couple among all our friends to tie the knot. Marriage is tough. It’s work. I wish more people would’ve told me that back when we got married, but it’s a challenge we’ve accepted. We’ve worked at it. We’ve grown closer together and we’ve done that by leaning on a lot of different resources, from books to blog posts to videos. Many of them have been helpful, and they’ve come from experts in the field of marriage. After seeing so many couples fall apart, and all the different reasons why, I understand that I don’t have all the answers for people.

I don’t have a formula for a perfect marriage. Even though I’ve heard from a lot of experts, I wouldn’t say I am one. But now that we know some experts, our team wants to share their wisdom with as many people as possible. We want to compile their work in one comprehensive resource: a new website that we’ve just recently launched called StrongerMarriages.com. I know it’s going to help you. It’s going to help people you know.

We’re so excited about the impact StrongerMarriages can have on relationships around the world. And I know that, as you read on, you’ll grow excited too.
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